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Got back from work last night through a challenging rush-hour commute and decided to take out my frustrations on a composition.

The poor soul starts with a carefree whistle only to be smacked by the traffic. Somewhere along the plodding ride he drifts into a daydream only to be awakened by brake lights.

Finally he reaches the end of this nightmare... a free parking space.

Three movements. Simple structure. Variations between mild and sharp dissonance, sometimes uncontrolled and always grating.


I used FL9 with EWQL libraries and Ozone 4 for light mastering. The lines were transposed differently for each instrument and then I pulled back parts and pieces until I got the texture and space I was looking for.


Thanks. Brutal feedback is always welcome @here.

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Very well written piece, loved the harmonic language and your use of rhythm to imitate the sounds of traffic. The contrast between chaotic moments and peaceful ones was very good as well. So far I have no critics other then very good job. I hope you have sheet music for this because this would sound amazing performed live.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for the listen and review. It means alot. I hope someday to be able to get Finale dialed in with EWQL libs to the point where I can just score, but for now, with FL, I have to export the midi and then edit the expressions et al.

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