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The Morningdew Media App with composer Mattias Holmgren. Free in the App Store

Discover the vivid music of swedish composer Mattias Holmgren in the Morningdew Media App. 

If you are into modern filmscore, soundtracks, game music, dream pop and post rock this is definitely an app to check out with tons of great music!


* 14 music tracks included in the Apps mp3 player.
* RSS news, read about the latest film and game projects.
* Direct links to albums and games by Mattias Holmgren.
* Twitter - tell a friend, follow.
* Facebook, games and website links.

Between cells
Tie your shoes
Memories of the curious
The great three hearts
Frozen moment
Sleeping earth giants
End of what we know
Tears of tantor
For you (featuring Allison Allain on cello)
A way back
Dry wilderness
Once upon a day

AppStore link:

More info:

Hope you like the music! =)

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