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Hello my fellow composers!


I'll get straight to the point. My aim is to be a film/TV/game composer in a few years (just finished my first year at New York University) and I want honest feedback on how much potential some of my demos (the ones attached) have for the current film/TV/game music market. These demos demonstrate some of my capabilities in producing such music.


"Hauser's Revenge" - Inspired by Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall (1990). Sci-fi/action genre.

"Desert Storm" - Hybrid of heavy metal and Middle Eastern style music. War/action genre.

"The Arch" - Music that I think would fit well with a film's main title. Post-apocalyptic/sci-fi/action/epic genre.


Please note I'm not all about action music, and that I have done other genres. I think these demos fit well together. So once again, I would appreciate feedback on how much potential these demos have in the modern film/TV/game music market.


Best regards,


Matt E.

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I listened to Desert Storm, I think you have so much talent.  It has an incredible cultural sound. Cool.
I just listened to all three tracks. They're great! Your music is interesting and inspired. I like the way you use the Star Spangled Banner in "The Arch Final". At the beginning it seems to represent the diversity of people in the U.S. (although if this was your intention, it could have been made clearer, I think). Nice use of percussion in all three pieces, although you could vary it more and explore other colors and expression with percussion. I like how you worked in various audio clips, which were skillfully edited.

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