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Hi all,

Here is a third melody, called "La dernière feuille d'automne" (in english : "the last autumn leaf ").
Can you give me your feedback please ? All critics are welcome, positive or negative.

Thank you, and best wishes for 2020,


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Hi Gilles,

I have some critique to offer on your piece and please do consider it in the spirit with which I offer it, which is to provide commentary that you may find useful. It's a piece in a pop-classical vein which follows familar grooves I have heard many times before - the chord progression from the tonic down to the dominant is pretty standard, the use of arpeggios in the right hand as the main component of melody is also fairly common, and the little twists and turns of melody here and there are echos of things I have heard others do. So for me this piece did not really stand out as something which would pull me back to listen a second time. That said, it has an overall rich tone to it and good production values. Thanks for sharing!

 While I would have to agree with Gav, I think that this melody would make a nice underpinning for an arrangement.The piano as an instrument itself sort of lends itself to a general commonality. At first glance the kinds of things most people play while making a melody on piano can easily connect and sound similar to other things people have heard. This isn't to say you can't get very unusual if you delve into lesser played chords, alternate scale systems etc. For some pianists this is the fun of it.

Go too far off and you might win the appreciation of composers but loose the connection to much of the general public at large, because sadly the general public have been raised on simple music. In the end, I think one has to do what they feel is the expression that most closely suits them.

Hi Gav and Timothy (yes, I'm alive),

Better late than never : thank you for your replies, very useful ! I react late because I'm French speaking and my English sucks. It's hard for me. Sorry !

I know that this composition is not revolutionary… Piano is so practiced that it's hard to find a new "approach". Personally, I think I'm more of a melodist than a pianist. So I focus mainly on melody. The challenge is to express a personality with usual chords… I hope to do that one day :)


I'd like to say more, but my English is too limited for that. Thanks again (I hope this post is understandable)  :)

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