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Hi people,

I just finished composing another piece in the style of film music titled the Kings Burial. Althought it's in two part and the second part would more likely be called and the sun prince's ascension I don't really like making song title that are phrases. I think the titles does describe the mood of the song and can be listend here:

Given that one of my weak spots in composing is transitions, if someone could validate that his works or doesn't and say me why I'd really apreaciate it.

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Beautifully touching, sad and mournful...building up to a great tribute to the king. You paint a really good picture of him thru your music--a beloved, kind, brave warrior king mourned by all.

This couldnt have been done any better, IMHO:)

Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks Bob

Thanks Bob, I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

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