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Hello guys,

i made this piece for an upcoming stream for a friend on twitch, which should be used as background music. So let me know, what you think :).

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Brings to mind American Indians day to day activities in their village, Would work well for a game.

I agree, this would work well for a game (although I am admittedly not the best person comment on this: but it does have that feel to it). I do get strong images of open spaces, which would of course fit well with the theme of a journey. I like the improvisation in the high register (is it a trumpet?). Overall, a good blend of high and low registers, and just enough of the drum for me. I dislike too much of that. But that of course is just my own preference.

Now that I think of it, it sounded more like an organ in the high register. In any case, If it's not, I think an organ would work really well there. Or an organ-like synth, which maybe is what it actually was? Again I'm not the best to comment on this.

Fun piece, enjoyed it very much!

Hi Alexander

Overall I liked it. I think it's maybe a bit slow and could maybe do with some tempo changes to spice it up. 


Hey guys,

thank you very much for your nice feedback :). Yeah it's a trumpet, but not a bad idea to try it with a organ, but i think the trumpet is the right choice for this part :). But i will see.

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