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The growing composer (Links and Resources for the beggining and self taught composer)

I am creating this thread mainly for fellow composer Tristan, but I feel that these link can benefit any motivated composer who is just starting out or is completely self-taught and would like to resources to better their classical concert writing abilities.

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On Mike Verta's channel on youtube there are two interesting videos (well in actuality they are 6, as they have been divided into parts since youtube don't allow really long videos for non-director accounts). One is on how to make your virtual instruments sound a bit more realistic, and one is a live uncut video of Mike Verta where he composes a short piece for a scene, and lets you in on everything he's thinking during the process. I found the latter video VERY interesting, and I bet everyone looking to compose music for film will to. Here's his channel:

Best regards,

I think I'm going to be back to this thread regularly.  Thanks for the great links and the generosity.

Here's a link to some free e-books (pdf) that deal with the topics of composition, counterpoint, orchestration, harmony and form, etc.

They are more of a supplement than a replacement to the textbooks you might read, but still worthwhile:

Composer Alan Belkin - Free e-books

Alan Belkin's site is an awesome resource for people like me just getting into composition after playing by ear for decades.

Thank you so much, this thread is specifically super useful to me lol. I was actually going to attend berklee but I withdrew after seeing the way they ran things. At this point I've become very dis-heartened towards school and have no intention of going back lol. All I need is some good reads, especially on orchestration, and I think I'll be fine lol

There are plenty of resources here to get utterly lost in.  If I call for help, please rescue me :)  I'll send smoke signals.

I just found the greatest thread of all time!

Thank you for the links!

Brilliant info, thanks very much for the help so far!

An excellent thread, Tyler. I'm sure many people have gained a lot from these links.

Personally, I'm finding the ear training exercises very helpful. It's been a long term goal of mine, to attain perfect pitch. This will certainly help!

Thanks again!

Awesome, thanks.

How many of you are considering joining any of these online classes which begin March and April 2013? Register through coursera for these free classes on music production, songwriting,  improvisation and guitar.

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