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My first posting after lurking about for awhile. I tried to capture a somewhat nostalgic and joyous ride on a carousel while trying to avoid the straight umm pa pa of threes.

Soundcloud really squishes the warmth/depth out of it, but hopefully its good enough to give an idea. Score attached as well.

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Hi William,

it sounded very enjoyable and you catch the flowing of the carousel well in my opinion.

Kind regards,


Thank you Jan. I'm glad that it worked for you.


This is really good! Whenever I first begin to listen to anything with strings in it I always wonder if it's another kid playing with string pads for the first time. Nothing more boring than a long string pad with no direction. This is not that!!!

I found myself loving every minute of it. Such a relaxing tune. I was slightly hyper  before listening. Your music gave me such a nice sense of relaxation and peace.I wouldn't call it an entire package, but a great addition to a medley or something else!! I like the directions the parts took. Even though this is a very western piece it went in interesting directions without being overly predictable. Thumbs up!

Thank you Timothy. It was part one of a 3 set, but the last two I was unable to record successfully. It has become part of a new set with other tunes like The Clock Shop, News at 11 and the like.

The balance of predictability is always a challenge. Too much and its boring, too little and it seems incoherent. I tried working more with 4ths (rather than the usual 3rds), so maybe that helped a bit too. Regardless, I'm glad it worked for you and thank you much for the nice feedback.

Very nice treatment, soft and appealing. Maybe the theme could need a contrast, it seems to be the same one all through, although it is a nice melody. It reminds me of a short piece of Wagner which I do not remember the name of. Wagner also used one theme only. 

Thank you very much for this lovely tour.


Thank you Kjell for the nice feedback. Your point on the minimalism theme usage is very accurate, although in my defense it in some ways emulates the antique carousel music (which is REALLY minimal). At the time I was also interested in developing less into more, that is to see how far I could go using a basic theme without the typical mistake of too many new ideas. I may have gone a bit far, but that was the idea anyway  ;-)

The way you use woodwinds reminds me of Copland. There are also some nice suspensions and shifting tonalities, which again remind me of Copland. A beautiful piece , easy to connect to and stay with. The only thing that grabbed my attention is the ending, which I thought a bit sudden. But all in all a really nice bit of contrapuntal writing.

I found this a very pleasant listen. I would not have initially in any way associated it with a carousel ride because, as you say,

we mostly have an aural memory of the umm papa music. I tried to make an association after reading your description and my mind sort of went to a movie scene where there is this woman highlighted who is on a full carousel and this is in the middle of one of those chick flicks where there is some emotion going on because the plot has been build up. This is somewhere in the middle of the movie. First you hear the umm papa ,smell cotton candy and the sounds of a carnival. Nice sunny day......then we get a close up of her and see scenes of her past memories. The umm papa music fades away and the scene goes to slow motion where this music comes in and a man is standing in the distance gazing at her........

That's about the only way I can wrap my head around how this could be carousel music :)

Thank you Michael. Hi praise since I am a big fan of Copeland.

Timothy: The same piece of music can, and probably should be, different to so many people. I'm glad you were able to connect your own story.

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