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This was one of my first attempts at writing an orchestral piece. I did it many years ago and was just learning how to use virtual instruments. It’s a short little waltz with my feeble attempt at arranging but it was a good learning experience as I struggled to get my head around a DAW, in this case, Sonar 8.5.

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You should applaud yourself, you did well with both composition and DAW. The arrangement is fine. Any crit I had of it would only relate to my taste but the fact that It works as a waltz and your arrangement has a very real air of ballroom about it is enough… I’m no ballroom dancer but with a dose of imagination and elegance could be there airily leading a lady around the floor, the chandeliers, the attire, the orchestra over there, a touch of champagne induced lightness.

I loved the subtle but abrupt change of harmony here and there, 1’18” is such a place – sounds like a Neapolitan 6th if you’ll excuse the technical term. I may be wrong, LOL, but effective all the same. Again, your sense of progression to the fore, it simply flowed.  Perhaps my only comment would concern your melody lines that might be given greater emphasis here and there.

Enjoyable to listen to.


Thanks Dane and Lars, yes i agree it is weak in parts and I’d like fix it but it’s so old that I can’t load it into Sonar anymore due to the samples having been moved around on my computer and I don’t really want to start it from scratch. Oh well, like I said, it was a learning experience. I must admit that all these years later I’m still stumped with many aspects of recording music via computer but still yet it’s waaay simpler to me than was analog tape. I had nothing but frustration in those days being that I’m technically challenged and everything I do is without any assistance from others. If I could be granted one wish with regard to music I wouldn’t be able to choose between being proficient with music theory including reading/writing musical scores or, on the other hand, being an audio engineer. Either one would make my life so much easier. I think I just described Beatle producer, George Martin, he had it all. But I guess I’ll just keep faking my way through it all just being happy to produce anything that’s rattling around in my head so that others might hear it too, warts and all.

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