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What are your favorite music scores from 2008? Here are my top 5:

1. Alexander Desplat's score for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. I saw this with my family on Christmas day. Big budget high production, with all the resources to make an epic soundtrack.

2. Thomas Newman's WALLE. As a father of two little monkeys, FINDING NEMO is always on the TV is our apartment, and I recognized some of the same styles and motifs going on. I loved the allusions to Star Wars throughout. Kudos to Peter Gabriel for the closing credits song (the use of the electric organ with a bit of distortion was perfect!)

3. Hanz Zimmer and James Newton Howard's score for THE DARK KNIGHT coupled with Heath Ledger's performance made this movie one of the best of the year for me. Sometimes jarring, the music fit the movie well.

4. After living for a year and then recently touring Japan again, I absolutely love the asian drums and instruments in KUNG FU PANDA. Hanz Zimmer and John Powell got it goin on. I loved Jack Black's interjections into "Kung Fu Fighting" sung by Cee-lo Green. As a flute player that song is dear to my heart, along with "Car Wash" ;)

5. As a sax player, I love the funky sounds of John Powell's score for HANCOCK. Plus my wife thinks Will Smith is hot so we can watch it as much as possible.

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Wow. Two of those are my top favorites. My favorite of 2008 would be The Dark Knight. The music is absolutely insane, and is extremely fun to listen to. Sometimes, when I'm listening to it, I start thinking about how could someone (or two people as this was) could come up with something so strange.

And my second would be Kung Fu Panda, which is really random seeming. It almost never stays on a single motif or section for more than 10 seconds.

But my favorite score of all time was from 2007 (Pirates Of the Caribbean 3).
I'll have to relisten to the Dark Knight as I found it disappointing.

My favourite score would have to be There Will Be Blood by Jonny Greenwood - formerly of Radiohead. I love the way the music in the film is in itself one of the most important characters. Interestingly I spoke to a number of people within the industry who didn't like it for this precise reason! That aside I thought it was not only unique, original and exciting - it seemed to drive the plot of the film forward and change the whole atmosphere in the film - in the way Bernard Hermann achieved in Taxi Driver or Psycho, or John Williams achieved in Jaws. Film scores these days seem to just do what the producers want without taking any chances. This seems to have taken that gamble and had it come up 4 aces!!

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