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well this is my first serious foray into "real" composing. I have written several songs some recorded some not with a friend who has moved a good ways away. He did the actual music side I did the lyrics, and gave him the basic hook for a chorus, and such. we worked well together. I just started back to college after 17yrs off(yeah I'm mild age I guess you could say), and as a part of my degree I needed a liberal arts credit which was Music literature. I loved it! Ever since my heads been filled with ideas for full blown orchestra, quartets etc... So now I'm looking into midi since I don't actually play piano. I do play bass. One problem is I can't read music. I want to learn, and will. I play by ear. So how should I start though? I know I'll get many answers, but what I need is basics. Such as what equipment is necessary, not needed or a good idea, because I ain't got much in the way of funds. So I turn y'all lose now. let me hear from ya, and Thanks. Brian"HOSS"Cooper

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Heres a free option that I suggest to many people starting to learn notation.


The first few lessons might be what you are looking for since it is just about the basics.

While I am there at community college I plan on taking some courses. My main focus will be in Business mngt. however. Kind of feel the need to explore musically. I downloaded a midi notation software. Muse-score, and am having at it! thanks Y'all keep it coming! HOSS

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