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I think we all rely heavily on our computers. But what happens when things go wrong? I think we've all been there. I'd like to hear what everyone does to keep their computers running. This could be a benefit to all.

For example, a PC will keep a record of every image, every web page, and more, from every place you visit on the web. It keeps it in a folder of temporary items. every time you start your computer, this info gets loaded into ram. Not a big deal at first, but after awhile, ram gets full and slows the computer down. Deleting the contents of the temp folder (clearing the cache) is a simple way to speed things up. There are several ways to do that.

What's your go to procedure to get back on track? Or maybe you need some help. We can all help each other. 

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Haha, I know you feel very strongly about it.  I'm biased, being a techie, and thus finding HTML and BBCode roughly of equal difficulty.  But for less technically-oriented people, it could certainly be a hurdle.

My main issue with the current site layout is that it gives undue focus to high-traffic topics, when there are plenty of gems to be found in lower-traffic but nonetheless valuable discussions.  If the front page layout were more appropriately designed, this would not be such a big problem.  There's also the problem of new music needing review, but practically never seeing light of day because by the time people interested in it come by, it has already been pushed down the page by the high-traffic discussions, or worse, right off the front page altogether.  High-traffic discussions and new music needing review really deserve to be in their own sections, so that discourse can happen normally without affecting each other.

H. S.

If I remember, isn't your music set up all in script in Linux, or something like that?

Interesting about browsers. For the most part, I seldom leave anything open I'm not using. Just seems cleaner that way.

Well, the music I post here, yes.  I did write other music on paper or in other formats, but I found them to be an unsatisfactory way to work, so nowadays all new music I write is done in the "script" way. :-)  Though it's probably somewhat of an exaggeration to say it's "all in script"... it's really just Lilypond's text-based input format, the scripting part is mostly just to hook that up to MIDI renderers, soundfonts, and what-not.  Mere icing on the cake. :-P

I gave up on pencil and paper because it was too time consuming and frankly , too complicated. I can't spell worth a darn, and you know, music is all those letters and what not. Easier to just let the computer deal with it all.

No, really!

Not kidding!

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