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The score is a mess. I didn't go back and clean it up because I wanted to post this as soon as it was finished. I also don't know how to clean it up.

This piece is made up mostly of old material that I came up with 5+ years ago but never did anything with. I have worked on this since mid-April. The title... I guess I probably shouldn't have called this a symphony, but I did anyway. This is an ode to college. For the past three years, I have attended Harrisburg Area Community College, majoring in Computer Networking Technology. I have had ups and downs, including countless moments of uncertainty and procrastination. I recall thinking several times, "Should I change my major?" and "Am I wasting my time?" In fact, right up until the end, I wasn't even sure if I was going to graduate at all. But I did. And so, this piece is intended to reflect my college experience. This piece is organized in a similar way to my other two "symphonies," and has the same instruments with the addition of a drumset. This piece was created in Musescore 2 using the Compifont Soundfont and the GeneralUser Soundfont. It lasts almost a half hour.

The first movement is exuberant and jazzy. The second movement is panicky, uncertain, and contemplative. The third movement is recuperative and celebratory; it is also mostly the first movement backwards.

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If I were you I would rework the entire piece and score it for percussion ensemble so it would be publishable and marketable for publishing companies especially the 1st movement. Drop the guitar, bass, cheesy slow strings which you definitely don't need, and the celesta which is rare to find. Rescore the piece for glockenspiel, xylophone, 2 marimbas, and vibes and the piece would be more likely to be performed live.  

In the real world of acoustic instruments the other mallet instruments would cover those parts. 


     I very much enjoyed the first two movements, didn't hear the third.  How would you describe this genre, new age?, jazz? rock/jazz?  My only criticism.  Don't use repeats for one or two measures.  As a musician I find it annoying, because I either miss them or look farther back.  I like the instruments you chose, but Rodney makes a good point.  Thanks for posting an unusual sound.

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