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first please forgive me for my bad English..

this is my first symphony -- Symphony No.0.
I wrote it about 5 years ago after I began to learn composing for about 1 year.It's a very simple symphony only using very basic(mostly classical era) composing techniques.I think it's a good start to introduce myself to you through this little symphony.

My initial to start this symphony is I wanted to test myself how I absorbed the knowledge and techniques from Mozart and Beethoven.So the style of this work is just like a combination of Mozart and Beethoven and in some passages a bit of Rossini.

There are 4 movements -- exactly a Beethoven symphony structure.

ps: Don't turn the volume too loud, will be distorted in too loud conditions.

Symphony No.0

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Hi Sunjunqing,

I think part of the reason you are not getting any replies on this is that it is too long as an introductory piece at almost 30 minutes. Most of the people on this site work and have limited time to listen to a piece of such length, especially a new member who has not commented on anybody else’s compositions. “As you give, so you get,” they say, and you are much more likely to get a response if you comment on others’ works. Perhaps you could try listening to a few other pieces on the site and commenting on them, and then come back and repost a movement of this or an excerpt -

Best - 


Hi SunJunqing

A wonderfully beautiful exciting and very enjoyable symphony.

You did a very impressive job and I enjyoed this very much. Thanks for posting!

PS I agree with Gav's post above---it took me a few times to find the time to get thru it all. Thanks


Here are my initial impressions, Sun (disclaimer I didn't listen straight through I jumped around quite a bit):

Your orchestration is top-notch; you obviously have a grasp of the instruments and how to blend them. This is your greatest strength. But I found the symphony, what I heard of it including the first 6 minutes or so too much in the home key of b minor (If that's the key--I didn't check). Your modulations in the short term are good, in the long term you don't get us into a different key long enough for our ears to escape the b minor--we're out of it for a few moments and then right back in again. Style-wise, it IS too much like Beethoven and thus it won't be taken seriously by the public. I'm afraid that like most of us including myself, you're stuck in the classical/romantic mold and thus anathema to the music industry which for the most part doesn't want anything to do with music outside the post-modern unless the composer is already established. One thing you might want to consider; get rid of the Symphony No 0 and renumber them. No 0 only worked for Bruckner because he was dead when they found a new symphony written by him and the traditional numbering had already been established. If they find another one they'll have to number it 00 and then you can bet on it at the Roulette table (a little musical humor there) 

Hi SunJunqing ,

this is a fantastic piece. You say that this is your first big work? Just wow. You just hit the ball out the park, if you know what I mean. For a first work this is sensational. My first work sounded like 2 kids playing on a recorder for a school concert. This right here is very beautiful. Would I've not known, I would've asked you if it was a work by Beethoven. The orchestration is perfect. I would be happy to hear more from you. Of course there is room for improval, endorsing the comments from the previous speakers, but in my opinion it's great.

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