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Symphony in C-Major - from fragments of Mendelssohns 6th symphony

Because I want to present the symphony as a whole I open a new thread:

The first movement based on the 2 minutes complete score and further sketches by Mendelssohn 


and  based on these sketches  

II. Andante cantabile

0:00   Andante cantabile   main part, melody and bass line sketch by Mendelssohn
2:55   Andante con moto
4:59   3 variations on the main theme
7:11   Reprise
10:00 Coda, final variation of main theme 

I am curious about your impressions ... what would you have done with the Andante sketches?


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The second movement is Magnificent. Beautiful orchestration. Keeping with the Mendelssohn style. 

Thank you for sharing! This is concert worthy and it should be performed!

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