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6 mins approx.

A recent effort, having taken note of comments on my more extended stuff. I'm no symphonist and it’ll probably end up the first or last movement of a Suite.

Andante - poco mosso - strepitoso e brilliante

It’s modally diatonic (mostly, but I change key a fair bit and – ok – there are a few discords dotted about).


As the work is all strings here’s a short score lifted from the DAW. Such scores are so literal I had to do a lot of work to get it (hopefully) readable. However, it isn’t perfect. It doesn’t intelligently deal with accidentals and I haven’t typed in all the dynamics and things. Unfortunately much is beyond my control and once it breaks into 1/16th notes/semiquavers, they all get crammed together in a pdf making them nigh impossible to read. The gist should still be apparent though.

Your comments good or bad would be sincerely appreciated and many thanks if you can give it a listen.

Cheers, Dane

score (as per attachment):


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Jan-Frederik, many thanks for your kind remarks and taking the time to comment.

I suppose in any modal writing there'll be chord sequences that sound consonant major and minor. The dissonances were because I'd added 7ths, 9ths and 11ths to the basic triads - and there are a few non-harmony passing notes. I found it quite a challenge (and also wondered if the build up should be a longer. I try to keep my compositions under 6 minutes. This one is a little more but cutting it down made it even more out of proportion)!

I may let it stand alone. I wrote a second movement (slower still) but it seems also stand alone and raised little interest here so I withdrew it.

Thank you for listening.


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