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I know I've put this up before, but I would really like to know what you think of it now. I really have gone to town on it, both production and composition wise after reading all the comments made on several sites about it's first incarnation.

I hope you enjoy it

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No, I decreased the loud bits and increased the quiet bits, for smoother listening.

How are you getting on with Cubase Essentials by the way?
Hi Simon,
I am listening to it just now. It sounds great, keeps the atention and produces brilliant images. The design, harmonies, dramatic development, production, everythug - great! The ostinato patterns and creschendo really do the job wery well!
Well that told me! Didn't it? I don't use a notation app. I have finale, but I don't know how to use it yet, and anyway that's for printing output only.
Aloha Simon, Sorry it took so long to respond but this is a lot more than just a song. First the disclaimer :-) I am not a regular classical guy. I have no official musical training.

Great work, nice use of the instruments you chose.Relaxing and flowing. I felt the dynamics were a little to broad at the beginning. I had to turn up my speakers to hear the beautiful stuff playing in the left channel. And when the horns came in on the right, it just about blew out my candle. I could only hear one note on a passing tone from a solo instrument in the left channel at about 25% into the music that was questionable. With everything you had going on that is amazing. Nice job Simon
I agree Jan. Can you do me a favour. I'm at a disadvantage because I don't have any monitor speakers yet. I'm relying on Sennheiser HD 465s. Could you possibly list the anomalies that you can hear in this production, so I can possibly put them right?

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the criticism. I don't think you're be mean at all.
Yes, I agree with Civil about "the middle of the stereo field is missing". I didn't feel this when listening via very good headphones. With another audio device it's heared.
Ok, I think I may know what the problem is, but I'm not sure, I'll tell you later. First of my working set-up.


Sequencer = Cubase SE1
Woodwind and Brass = IK Multimedia Miroslav
Strings = HALion Symphony Orchestra
Percussion = IK Multimedia Sampletank 2.3
Reverberation = Wizoo Verb
Effects = Waveshell and Direct X


PC = Advent - Intel Core 2 Duo
OS = Microsoft Windows XP
CPU = 1.8gz each
RAM = 2500mb
Drive = 250gb
Soundcard = M Audio 2496

That's about it except that I also have Finale incorporating Garritan Personal Orchestra, but I haven't worked out a way of releasing it from the Aria player and plugging it in to Cubase as a VST, because I've heard the piano (amongst a few other things) are quite good..... apparently.
I think I know what the problem is. You see, most libraries cater for the American orchestra layout, as some European orchestras have adopted it as well, and that is to have the second violins sitting next to the first violins. I actually prefer the old-fashioned version whereby the second violins are on the other side where the cellos now sit. That was the traditional Viennese set up.

So what I have done, is to manually realign all the string groups into different positions. Now I'm not sure about this, but with HALion, it may be the case that once you;ve moved them, they become mono signals as opposed to the stereo samples they once were.

Also, Wizooverb is more than an algorithmic programme, it also contains real convolution reverb as well (the one where they record the ambience of a room by shooting sine wave around it and record it). continued next message
However, the problem with using the HIR settings on Wizooverb is the amount of CPU it takes up, and it effects the music detrimentally.

Now, as far as HALion is concerned, I bought it initially because although I loved the tone of the Miroslav strings, they just weren't versatil enough, especially for quick passages. It was also recommended to me because of the xfade and xswitch facilities, which I find really useful. Now the biggest problem is that because I bought the trade-in version (without a sampler), the samples are bone dry. Therefore my only way of creating any ambience for them is to place ALL the instruments under the Wizooverb setting of ''Classic Hall'', and then add a touch of CS Reverb (from Miroslav) to the woodwind, a bit more to the brass, and a lot more to the percussion to give it that 3d effect. Which seems OK to me at the moment, but I could be worng.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Jan, sorry I've only just noticed one of your posts. What is a pan law setting? And where can I find it?
Really nice orchestration. This tune could really benefit from using real players (or the better orchestra samples :) ). It too quiet in my opinion, you could use some compressor/limiter over it.


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