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If you get a chance, please listen to my first movement. It is done with cubase and East West Play Gold.

It is a work in progress - production issue will be sorted out slowly over time, and maybe by mix 100 I'll get it it right.

The music is in a modified sonata form, with an introduction, theme, subsidiary themes, development and recapitulation of theme 1.

You can download it as an MP3 or listen to the streaming from my page.

And by the way, happy Xmas !

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thanks for listening - yes, you have to wait a while for the development section (your favourite bit), and with your help and ray's, I'll be making changes as time goes by, bit by bit.

However, it is "down" in one form at least, so now to think about the second movement. I must finish a symphony before I'm 40 ! (3 years left).
Hi, I am listening to your piece right now. I hope the comments I make can be somewhat helpful to the further construction of this piece. First, I like the change of pulse from the Intro into the main theme however I was wondering it you wanted the progressions from intro into the theme to be more on the eventful side or more of a smoother transition. To me the progression felt somewhere in the middle. Also, for me there wasn't enough variation of harmonic color for a piece of this size. You also seem to use repetitive patterns which is not a problem but there seems to be a few moments where the repetitive patterns occur without variation of harmony, modulation, etc almost letting the music become stale. If my ears were correct then it seemed that there was a moment or two the music was moving from one subsidiary thematic idea to another without any sense of transition or climax etc. You may have intended the music to progress that way and if you did then you can disregard the comment.

The piece does have a subdued sense about it which I personally don't mind.

Anyway, I hope my comments were helpful. Some of the the comments were opinions and so in the end some things are completely up to you as the composer.

Its a good start.
thanks for your comments which I will take on board in the coming weeks and months
thanks a lot - I am already taking any suggestions on board, and if you ever get the time to mention more specifics, these too will be addressed.

At the end of the day I have to follow my own heart and experience, but it may be that somebody points something concrete that I can and will change/ adjust, and that is indeed why this is a work in progress. And merry xmas, too.

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