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So, at the urging of someone on this forum (ahem... Dankk), I thought I'd post my piece "Switched Tickets" for dissection. This piece actually started out as a sketch years back, sequenced in Fruity Loops. I dug up the FL project file earlier this year, exported it as midi, threw it into Cubase and started moving things around and adding layers.

Look forward to hearing suggestions on what could be changed or added to improve this piece. There are so many incredibly talented composers on this forum, I can't help but get better with your input!


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I liked the theme on the glockenspeil/ vibraphone (whatever it is).

The idea of mixing it with the strings is good too.

However in my opinion the strings are too heavy for the style of the piece. The strings have very little reverb and use quite a harsh velocity/ attack (by the sound of it). Also I notice that the strings register is low - I thing some higher violins at the octave in places would even out the texture. Ok, I notice there are high strings but I think they are being overshadowed by the middle/ low string ostinato.

So what also might help is doubling the glockenspeil voice at the higher octave to compete with the strings when they come in.

In summary then, a great little musical idea that would benefit from a better balance between strings and the main melodic instrument and a general lightening of texture.
The piece is great, I feel like the high strings overpower the bass that's underlining it. Something about it doesn't quite fit, I cant figure out what it is. On the whole though you have a really good idea, something that may just need a few small adjustments to work flawlessly.

Nice work :)
Thank you Adrian, Tim, Dankk, and Ray, for all your suggestions... I'm a little confused as to how to assimilate both Adrian and Tim's feedback as they are a bit "canceling", but I think perhaps I'll work on highlighting the high strings in some parts of the piece, and the low in others. I agree that the velocity is a factor that needs work in this piece. I did this piece before getting a keyboard, so all the notes were laid in by hand(err... mouse), and the default on that is full velocity. I'm learning now how to use filters, limiters, and randomizers for velocity in Cubase, so I should be able to fix that easily. Dankk, you are absolutely right. I think if I take out the strings in the first 5 secs, it will make a huge difference. I hear it in my head already. Ray, I come from a rock music background, so my default is to maximize everything. I have to get use to a much wider field of dynamics with orchestral instruments. I'll do my best to "let it breathe" more.

Thanks again to all of you, and I'll let you know when a new version is available :)


P.S. To Dankk: I find it much more important to let the brass and woodwind players *breathe* than the strings ;)

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