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Hello all - contestants were asked to submit a work of no more than about 90 seconds duration to this contest. There were no other limits. 19 members of the Composers' Forum submitted entries! Now we ask all members of the forum to vote on which ones you think are the three best. Although there are a lot of entries, it will only take you about 25 minutes to listen to them all, so please listen and vote! The last day to vote is Monday March 18 at midnight EST. After voting has completed, I will announce the winners on this thread and identify the composers. This thread will then be open for discussion if there is interest.

Here is the link to the survey where you can vote:


Attached also is a worksheet created by Janet Spangenberg, which has the names of the compositions, the comments by each composer, and room to comment as you listen to each piece.


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I say after the voting period has ended, you don't yet release the names. Then the real fun will being. 
Match-f*ing-making folks.

And Gav, send the tv crews and paparazzi to Saul's place while you're at it ...  Since Saul is in NYC, the Times needs to be notified as well ... Whew, the PR duties for CF staff must be overwhelming!

But wait ... isn't there some rule that the winner's name must be able to be pronounced by John Doe???   How will the media folks handle that?   LOL back atcha, Saul D.

Saul, the TV crew is on the way. I'm not sure exactly when they will get there, so please don't leave your home until you hear from them. Please put on your best suit and tie, or at least your best onesie pajamas. You should be prepared to give a speech of anywhere from 0-1 second duration.

this is out of control. 

you guys stop the drinking and get some sleep. lol

Good advise Janet.

I've made my choices- with great difficultly I may add.

Hey Gav, In the six million or so years since we diverged from our chimp-like ancestors, natural selection has determined that it is more effective for us to think with our brains and save the gut for digesting food. Hahaha!  :)

Janet Spangenberg said:

Michael, I had the same thoughts. This is what I did (in case it's useful)...

For those pieces where a score is meaningless (as I figured we were listening to the final product, as opposed to the work ever being played by live musicians), I gave a lot of weight to the production. For those pieces that obviously were meant for live musicians, I "heard through" the less than pleasant audio, and imagined it being performed as intended. If the score was missing the dynamics that aid in the shape and emotion a player needs, this was reason to not give it one of my three spots (since not adding dynamics is like not adding any punctuation to this paragraph, and therefore incomplete). Like Julie said in an earlier post, I tried to see what the composer intended, and viewed each piece individually.

And then I followed my gut.

Saul, if by some fluke you never make it as a famous composer, you will always have a future writing fantasies!   I laughed all the way through your fabulous tale!!

Ray: I checked the PDF files. I am not aware of how a name could be stored in an MP3 -

Ray, sometimes me thinks you, of all, are having the most fun with this... ;o)

Alex, I wouldn't worry about it. Ray likes to bring his wet blanket to most of the parties... It's part of his endearing charm!

The best response to an insult is not to reply. I have seen on the internet that sometimes people like to post provocative comments just to see if they can get a rise out of you. By "punching back," you may be playing right into their hands. Bear in mind that all this commenting is taking place on a discussion about a fun little low-key contest and try to keep the topic to that. Best to you all -

We now have 21 votes, exceeding the number of contestants (19) by two. I appeal to the members of this site to chime in and vote! For those of you who were not in the contest, think about this: what if *you were*? Wouldn't you want lots and lots of people to vote? Let's try to get to a hundred votes! Show your peers you care! Deadline is Monday March 18 at midnight EST.


  ( I hear violins playing but not much harmony  what-up w/ this site?)

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