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Hello all - contestants were asked to submit a work of no more than about 90 seconds duration to this contest. There were no other limits. 19 members of the Composers' Forum submitted entries! Now we ask all members of the forum to vote on which ones you think are the three best. Although there are a lot of entries, it will only take you about 25 minutes to listen to them all, so please listen and vote! The last day to vote is Monday March 18 at midnight EST. After voting has completed, I will announce the winners on this thread and identify the composers. This thread will then be open for discussion if there is interest.

Here is the link to the survey where you can vote:


Attached also is a worksheet created by Janet Spangenberg, which has the names of the compositions, the comments by each composer, and room to comment as you listen to each piece.


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"Composer M" submitted "Taqsim"


"Composer N" submitted "Sunset Over America"


"Composer O" submitted "Effervescence" with the following comment:


This work was commissioned in 2012 for a film about newly established Tasmanian tourism destination 'Redlands Estate'. An old convict sight, which was once owned by British royalty, 'Redland Estate' has been restored and was recently opened to visitors. A bakery has been set up in the old mill-house, along with a distillery. Weddings are held in the grounds.

This work, 'Effervescence', takes both the natural landscape and the convict history of Redlands as its inspiration. The film in which 'Effervescence' features opened at Tasmania's Parliament house in early 2013.


"Composer P" submitted "Vortex Blues"


"Composer Q" submitted "Ode to Leaking Faucet"


"Composer R" submitted "Forest of the Ancients" with the following comment: "The piece is about an old forest where ancient creatures live. In the magical forest there's both beauty and mystery. I composed this piece for the contest and wanted to try to get a completely new "sound". I also focused a lot on the dynamics to make the music come alive."


"Composer S" submitted "Blossom"


"Composer S" is the last entrant. Let the voting begin! (See OP for link to survey to vote)

"Composer Q" has added the following comment on their work "Ode to Leaking Faucet": "My piece is inspired by faucet: I was in bed, trying to sleep, and then I heard that annoying sound: leaking faucet in the kitchen. First theme (Glockenspiel) is my (ruined) sleep, and then just a question to myself (strings): should I stand up and shut it, or should I try to continue to sleep? Timpani in D are representing constant water drops. Last chord represents creaking of faucet that I shut."

Thanks Gav for all your time and effort   so far - so fun    good luck everyone

"Composer L" has requested that the description for their piece be changed to "La Premiere is a story about a singing lesson.  Be sure and read the score before listening, so you know the cast of characters and the plot of the story!!"

Hello Saul - thanks for voting! I find these competitions very satisfying and hope you and others enjoy as much as I do! I challenge the membership of this site: you have 19 composers who have submitted their best efforts in this competition. They are laying their talents on the line for your judgement and possible appreciation.  Can we get 100 of you (there are 3,280 members of this site at present) to vote in this competition? Show your support for your fellows - it costs you nothing and it means so much to the competitors to hear from you. We have 3 voters so far. Let's get another 97, otherwise, why are you here?

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