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Hello all - contestants were asked to submit a work of no more than about 90 seconds duration to this contest. There were no other limits. 19 members of the Composers' Forum submitted entries! Now we ask all members of the forum to vote on which ones you think are the three best. Although there are a lot of entries, it will only take you about 25 minutes to listen to them all, so please listen and vote! The last day to vote is Monday March 18 at midnight EST. After voting has completed, I will announce the winners on this thread and identify the composers. This thread will then be open for discussion if there is interest.

Here is the link to the survey where you can vote:


Attached also is a worksheet created by Janet Spangenberg, which has the names of the compositions, the comments by each composer, and room to comment as you listen to each piece.


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Great job everyone. Congratulations Spiros, I definitely voted for yours. It was awesome. Everyone else also, it was fun to listen to the entries. I'm flattered to have gotten any votes at all with such stiff competition.

I loved Ray's entry, that was my 2nd choice. 

Fun contest, next time let's have a shorter voting period, I don't think that week made that much of a difference in terms of number of votes. I'm gonna sleep and when I wake up we're gonna tear some music apart.

congrats to the winners, (and to the losers for trying)

it has been fun   tho a bit drawn out    I agree that the time frame

could/should be shortened if repeated in the future.

all in all-it has been   to quote Arte Johnson, 'Verryy interesting'..... (who ?)

What a great contest!  Gav, you did a masterful job with this one -- thanks so much for all your hard work and encouragement!

I was thrilled to see the two winners - I voted first place for the wonderful "Taqsim".  Spiros, you did a magnificent job on that one.  I don't usually feel drawn toward piano solos, but this one was something special.   My "first listening" notes said it had "nice harmonies, good texture and excellent use of the instrument".  The score was also very well written, which gets lots of points in my book!  I love the slow but steady downward motion of the piece, while the dynamics and intensity gradually moves upward.  I've already used this piece in my studio several times to show the students how moving down while building up creates an irresistible pull.  It's a delicious piece with a finely wrought shape and gets better on consecutive hearings!!

I was overjoyed to see that "Seagulls" tied for first place.  Ray knows my passions and preferences and how I love a good score!   With me it's definitely NOT "me likey, me no likey".  I have all kinds of objective criteria before I get to the "I love this piece!" stage.   I can't fully "hear" a piece until I've followed along on the score.  So, the pieces that didn't have scores, even if I adored them, I sadly put to the side.  That's just my personal thing and I was so hoping that everyone else would catapult Ray's piece to where it belonged - as the winner!    Having a tie with the most finely crafted piece seems perfect in my book!!!   Our two winning composers were writing from both ends of the "score spectrum", both with superb results. 

One of the other pieces I voted for and really loved was "The Meadow"  My notes say "Good harmonic/modal interest, slow moving at first but wonderful buildup in second half.  Great use of dynamics and a fabulous ending!  Good textures, and a great-looking score.  This piece also gets better on consecutive hearings, which is one of my criteria for a great piece of music.

I also loved the "Ode".  Having a leaky faucet of my own, I could relate!  Cool instruments, catchy idea and very clever.  Congratulations, Milan!  

It was fun to place in this contest!  I was surprised at how much that meant to me, when all was said and done. When I'm writing a piece I never consider whether anyone will like it, I'm too caught up in following the path of the music.  So that little warm glow I felt when I saw that "La Premiere" had placed third in a lineup of some really great pieces was a special and unexpected moment!!!   Thanks, everyone.

Hey, Saul - yes, you were right!   I still don't know how so many people correctly matched me to La Premiere.  Was it that really embarrassing preface I wrote?   Blush - sometimes I really don't know when to stop with the words ...  Anyway, you were right, even though that music is nothing like anything I've written before.  I didn't have a clue who wrote any of the pieces, so it was really fun to see the names matched with the entries!

Hey Saul -  I liked Forest of the Ancients, too.  It would have gotten one of my votes if it had included a score!  ;-) 

Composer R - Forest of the Ancients (Anders Christensen)

All the pieces are matched to composer on page 8 of this thread ...

Thanks Julie! I think it will be fun to have this type of contests all the time, it will give some interesting pieces and ideas, and it will be good for all entrants, building some new experience, developing creativity and also, it will be good thing for this forum. 

I agree, Milan.  These contests are fun and good incentive to finish pieces.  ;-)   I wish you'd write the next piece in your Plumbing Partita - Movement 2:  Stopped Up Sink.  That's what came next in my personal life, after the leaky faucet.  SUS won't be nearly as interesting as OLF, since there is hardly any motion.  Chuckle.  Maybe that's one of those "one mood" pieces.  I won't name the mood.

Gav, give us a shorter voting period, for sure.  One week is more than enough for voting.  Don't shorten the writing period, though.  Some of us have lots of other work to do!!!   Speaking of which, Fux is calling ...

Actually, i can continue with Plumbing partita: first 10 bars with whole rests, and then, glockenspiel again. So, it can be: Stopped Up Sink-Back to sleep. :D

Ray, and Julie, thanks for the comments on "The Meadow". Wow! I'm really happy you both liked the score's appearance. In the days when I actually got paid for the work I do, in the world of printing, I did a lot of proofreading, editing, typesetting, and graphic arts. I've always been persnickety about the appearance of printed matter. I'm glad it actually shows in my music work!

Ray, if you're serious, I can take a look at Remembrance, since that's getting prepared for live performance, unless you've already got that covered. (I'm not sure if I know how to notate for Chinese instruments!)

I've got a busy day today, so tomorrow, I'll start posting my notes and thoughts on all the entries...

Ray, "Remembrance" is hard to forget (pun intended...)!

Most votes in the contest were cast in the first week. I think the next time I will try a one week voting period.

Spiros Makris said:


Fun contest, next time let's have a shorter voting period, I don't think that week made that much of a difference in terms of number of votes.

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