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Hello all - contestants were asked to submit a work of no more than about 90 seconds duration to this contest. There were no other limits. 19 members of the Composers' Forum submitted entries! Now we ask all members of the forum to vote on which ones you think are the three best. Although there are a lot of entries, it will only take you about 25 minutes to listen to them all, so please listen and vote! The last day to vote is Monday March 18 at midnight EST. After voting has completed, I will announce the winners on this thread and identify the composers. This thread will then be open for discussion if there is interest.

Here is the link to the survey where you can vote:


Attached also is a worksheet created by Janet Spangenberg, which has the names of the compositions, the comments by each composer, and room to comment as you listen to each piece.


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"Composer G" has added a pdf score to their submission, it is attached -


Cast my vote. Some really great stuff here.

Voted. Indeed, there is some very good quality work in there.

This is really great idea Gav! I hope that we will have competitions like this all the time.

Voted. Next time I think the voting period should be shorter, perhaps two weeks would be more fitting. :-)

I agree with the above comment. I think a week would be ideal. I just can't imagine that people can't listen to less than 30 minutes of music and vote in less than a week.

Yes... Gav, is there a chance to short this voting period?

I agree, I've changed it to two weeks.

Great. Does anyone want to start another contest, that will last for this voting period of 2 weeks?

Janet Spangenberg has kindly created this "worksheet" which has all the names of the compositions and quotes from the composers. It is a great tool to keep track of the music and make comments in as you listen to it. Thanks Janet!


Just cast my votes!   Some really enjoyable pieces.  Thanks to everyone who entered!!!

Yeah, there were a few "screamers"!

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