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Hello all - contestants were asked to submit a work of no more than about 90 seconds duration to this contest. There were no other limits. 19 members of the Composers' Forum submitted entries! Now we ask all members of the forum to vote on which ones you think are the three best. Although there are a lot of entries, it will only take you about 25 minutes to listen to them all, so please listen and vote! The last day to vote is Monday March 18 at midnight EST. After voting has completed, I will announce the winners on this thread and identify the composers. This thread will then be open for discussion if there is interest.

Here is the link to the survey where you can vote:


Attached also is a worksheet created by Janet Spangenberg, which has the names of the compositions, the comments by each composer, and room to comment as you listen to each piece.


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"Composer A" submitted "Cavernous Gemworld" with the following comment: "it is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's creation Moria. I imagine this piece would accompany the moment when the dwarfs discovered the precious stone Mithril there for the first time. The whole piece is improvised, with each track being take one."


"Composer B" submitted "Two Part Invention" with the following comment: "I originally composed this as part of an intended trilogy of pieces called "The Moth's Marriage." This piece was subtitled "Courtship," and the two other pieces would have been "Nuptials" and "Honeymoon," had I ever composed them. As it is about moths, I was looking for a "fluttery" sound and a somewhat darker sound. "


"Composer C" submitted "The Escape"


"Composer D" submitted "Seagulls Over Hangzhou Bay"


"Composer E" submitted "Quintet for Brass"


"Composer F" submitted "The Adventurer's Rest Inn"


"Composer G" submitted "Requiem Opus 23"


"Composer H" submitted "The Meadow"


"Composer I" submitted "Etude in C Major No. 1"


"Composer J" submitted "Scherzinia


"Composer K" submitted "Particle Accelerator Polka"


"Composer L" submitted "la Premiere" with the following comment:

Why I Wrote la Premiere


The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men*


The idea of a 90-second piece appealed to me, since I love miniatures.   I decided to finish a piece I had started a while ago.   It’s a piece for orchestra and choir, based on a Rilke poem, and was part of an opera I once started writing.    The section with the Rilke setting was exactly 90 seconds long, so it seemed like the perfect choice for the CF Super Short contest. 

I was essentially finished, just putting the final touches on dynamics, when I realized I was pretty tired of the lush orchestra sound and the almost too-sweet harmony.  Instead, I kept hearing a single flute playing its dark and dusky lowest note, middle C.  No matter how many times I said “no” to that little flute, it just kept warbling.  So finally I started listening and taking dictation from the miniature flute concert in my head.  

Once I gave the flute permission to sing, she had all kinds of things to tell me … and the result was “la Premiere”.   I had so much fun writing it, and my flutist friends have become excited about playing it, and showing off their chops a bit!   It won’t be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but it’s been an enjoyable companion for these last days of winter.


~~ Anon  Y. Mouse

* of Robert Burns fame


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