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1. Fantasia


2. Tsifteteli


whole score pdf


Hello everyone,

This is a complete suite for solo guitar in 6 movements which I'm going to submit for comments and criticism in 3 continus posts as the 7 megabyte limit was not adequate for one continus mp3. The whole work is just over 18 minutes in length and even in mp3 format creates a total of c. 40 megabytes.

I wrote it years ago in a modal idiom utilizing the makam Saba in A whose main characteristic (well, one of many) is that it does not have a perfect 4th but a diminished one as its 4th degree, ie A-B-C-Db.

My main aim was to use this modal/tonal centre as a spring board in order to explore various possibilities for modulation in related tonalities and modalities on a rhythmic platform provided by characteristic rhythmic figurations and mannerisms found in dances of a Greek urban style of popular music called "Rebetiko".

The movements of the suite are:


  1. Fantasia
  2. Tsifteteli
  3. Hassaoserviko
  4. Zeibekiko
  5. Hassapikos
  6. Karsilamas


The work is written taking into account  possibilities for alternative guitar fingerings, but no fingerings are given as such because it requires quite an advanced technique to be played and hopefully the performer  will provide/prefer his/her own fingerings.

I submit one continus pdf for the whole score with my first post and I would prefer any comments, opinions and criticism to be done in this first post which contains the pdf file.


Thank you very much for any of your comments and  time.

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I wanted to hear these.  But my Safari Browser working on a MacBook Pro (Retina), using OS X Yosemite (version 10.10.2), can't access the file.

I can listen to Soundcloud files easily, however.

Does anyone else have a similar problem?

I'm still listening to Socrates pieces (so far much enjoying them), and this is not a comment on them but a response to Ondib's question.

The Safari browser on my iPad does not play the mp3 files posted on this forum.  So I always use the firefox or explorer on my laptop or desktop (both Windows systems).

I think this is a problem with Safari.


Thank you, Mariza. (Mariza Costa-CabralI usually use Safari (though I don't know why I should--that's just where I have all my bookmarks, and so on, and I'm just used to it.  I'm not very accustomed to Firefox). You are right.  Firefox seems to be able to play the mp3 files on my computer.  I was just hoping someone knew if there was some way to get mp3 files to play on Safari.  I wondered if there was some tip that would make it work.  (Sorry, Socrates. (Socrates Arvanitakis) I didn't mean to clutter up your thread with this less than significant comment about a glitch).


I really enjoyed listening to the six pieces.  I am afraid I don't know how to comment on them.  I just wanted to say they are wonderful to listen to and that if I had it on CD I would play them often.


Thank you for your appreciation, Mariza.

Think of it like a different A minor work  with diminished 4th instead of perfect, modulating to dominant and relative tonalities and modalities.

When I wrote it I was up to standard on the guitar to play it easily, but now a days I would have to practise quite a lot to get it right.

Lazy me.  :-)

Thank you, Socrates.  I don't know enough about music theory to understand what you wrote, but thanks for trying.  

I thought I'd mention that here in Seattle Rebetiko is better known than you would think.  There are a few local musicians, one originally from Greece (Christos Govetas), who have impressed a lot of people, and a few years ago, the "Seattle PI" published the following article:


Thanks Mariza, it is re-assuring to know that rebetiko has a presence in the US.

To me rebetiko is the fifth brother in the big family of 20th century urban music with mass international appeal, together with blues, flamenco, fado and tango.

Although it can not be termed as political song its lyrics questioned so much and so truthfully the whole of society (in panhuman terms) that in the 20th century it got persecuted, hindered, censored, forbidden and buried (especially between 1955-1975, but also in 1936-1940), by governments, dictators, church, record companies and all other institutions that saw it as a danger. 

Today we are alive and kicking again, as the revivalist movement gathers momentum continuously.

In my part of the woods we are a community with already 11000 members, with 24/7 radio without adverts and regular big and smaller meetings for performances and having a great time throughout the year.

If you like listening a little see here:

The page has an english translation and you can joint if you want to participate in the forum, but you don’t have to be a member to enjoy music activities or read articles.

I found Tsifteteli to be captivating... the percussive articulation, the atmosphere that the mode creates, the spontaneity of the ornamentation and naturalness of the overall expressive effect.  I hope you eventually record this with microphones on a guitar.

Thanks for commenting, Tim, I am pleased that you find the Tsifteteli captivating.
Tsiftetelis in general can be very captivating dances indeed in more senses than one, as their rhythm happens to be the transnational erotic dance of the whole of eastern Mediterranean.
I tried to avoid such erotic connotations in my piece, concentrating only on abstract images of dancers.
I hope to get back into serious practice too, so that I can record again, if for nothing else.

I knew there was a reason why this caught my ear. 

Socrates Arvanitakis said:

...the transnational erotic dance of the whole of eastern Mediterranean.

3/7/2017 REVISION

SUITA no 1 in La Sabah for solo guitar.


Sabah is a musical mode used widely in the Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

It belongs to the chromatic family of modes in their "soft genre" version and its two main characteristics are the dominant degree as the 3rd note of the scale ( C natural - forming a Hijaz 5chord on this note) and the intervals of diminished 4th (Db) and diminished 8ve (Ab) formed from the tonic. Owing perhaps to these characteristics, I find it ideal for a treatment of mild dissonances, but since the guitar or any other equally tempered instrument cannot play in the soft genre which is only one of the two possible versions, the hard genre can take over, retaining  those characteristics.


Well, it's 2 years since I did not bother with this piece and recently I had another look.

After revising and making a few minor changes in some movements and remixing with Note Performer whose guitar samples and reverb sound better to my ear, I want to publish it in a commercial site, but I have to propose a price for it, and I don’t have a clue about it, so I thought, since the suite is in 6 movements, I will ask a dollar for each, in total 6 dollars for the complete work.

What do you think, am I being expensive or too hopeful?

(Previous PDFs are cancelled. This PDF is a bit uneven in distributing logically the pages cause I made the staff size a little bigger for exporting the video to youtube-and still it came out small even in full screen :-) ).


Any further criticism/suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for listening



I love these modes you are in. I've only got around to the first 2 and will listen later to the whole thing as I've got to go out, but a lovely start...looking forward to it.

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