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There was this other topic about "early pieces", this one isn't early enough but also isn't new. A suite from a school concert. It's recorded in spring 2012.

Iseloomujoonte süit

"Suite of traits(/personality)", not really sure how to translate.., consisting of three parts - Doubt, Curiosity, Confidence. The third part was later adjusted to be a bit faster (and some part of it went for repeating. The performance is a bit off at some points, sorry for that. ;)

Kannel is a zither-like instrument played in Estonia, similar types of it in Finland and Latvia.


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I like this piece a lot. Love the harmonic language and the instrumentation. Each instrument complements each other very well. The melodic lines going from one instrument to another works so well in this piece. I particularly like the first movement of the piece. Really like the harmonies in that movement. 

The piece is also performed very well. Only criticism is that I wish I could hear the Kannel more in the mix. Other than that it was a superb piece. Great Job. 


     A sweet suite, my sweet.  I heard the doubt in the first movement.  The second, Curiosity, was a little playful, a little shy.  Confidence, was more of a floating dance.  I didn't get the feeling of confidence.  Maybe some bold chords done forte.  Keep up the nice work.







Wonderful! Delightful! You definitely have a gift for music that portrays a scene, or in this case, three temperaments. (Have you heard Nielsens Symphony The Four Temperaments?). You are as gifted as any composer I have heard on this forum. You have a bright future ahead of you, Kaisa. I will keep looking forward to your posts.

Lawrence, I portrayed the personalities through my own experiences or feelings, I think it's natural not to feel a connection with all the titles. Confidence is a calm feeling for me. Sometimes I think it's actually unfair to use titles, because that bends the listeners in a way of picturing a given scene or emotion.. but I'd say the most valuable quality of music stands in the freedom of imagination both for the composer and audience.
Raymond, thanks for taking the time! It sounds a bit clearer indeed. The kannel is a difficult instrument to play with, recently they've started using a small amplifier for that at school.

Thank you all a lot for listening and the nice words!

Laena mulle kannelt, Vanemuine!

What a wonderful combination of instruments.  The kannel adds a wonderful depth of sound, and you utilized it beautifully. 

I enjoyed this work a lot.


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