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Hello Everyone!

I am in the process of moving my studio to a new bigger space, and I am upgrading everything. I'm a Logic user. Would love to hear what you are all using in terms of your computer, music libraries, other software, keyboard, screens, and any other extras. Even workstations and other furniture. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Hi Kristin,

Can I ask, do you see yourself as mainly a song writer or a performer?

 It may seem a strange question but if we’re sharing details of technology it would be nice to share our expectations.


I'm asking about studio equipment. I use Logic and a host of different music libraries. I'm mostly interested in what other people are doing in terms of sound libraries and other software, screens etc. I am in the process of relocating. In the near future, II'll be working on creating instrumental a couple of 50-60 minute documentaries and a feature. Two of them will be mostly electronic (though I always include some live instruments), and I plan to do them in my own studio (recording, arranging, and mixing).

Will you be creating scores? How memory intensive are your libraries, and which do you/will you use? How many instruments will you be recording, and what style - will they benefit from multi-mic placements? Etc etc

For live recording I use a Focusrite ISA428 Mk2 preamp and a Prism Orpheus firewire interface. Acoustic instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, cello) I use a matched pair of Rode NT55s. For electric guitar, a 2x12 Fender supersonic cab with Royer R121 and Sennheiser E906, with mainly a Marshall 1987x reissue head at the moment.

Mac Pro 2010, 10.8.5, 96 gb ram, 2x3.46 6-core. Logic Pro 9 (not updating that anytime soon in case stability suffers). All recording, mockups and scoring done in Logic. 32 and 24" monitors. Behringer speakers/monitors, no idea which ones.

Samples - East West Hollywood Strings, Percussion, Brass and Woodwinds.

I'm also moving soon and while not much is getting upgraded, I'll have so much more space. Exciting times so well done!

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