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Studio Monitor Recommendations for Mixing/Mastering Orchestral Music

Hi everyone,

I know this topic has been covered here before. However, I thought I would see if anyone had any more advice that could be specifically applicable to me. I am looking for a pair of nearfield monitors in the price range of +/- $500.00 that have a relatively flat/transparent frequency response overall, have decent bass (low 40's perhaps?), and are, if this is a thing, good for mixing and mastering sample-based orchestral film/video game music. The room I will be working in with these is roughly 12x14 ft, and has no sound reinforcement. I live in the US, if that's relevant at all.

I have gone through a couple threads devoted to this topic, and have come up with a few ideas:
- Dynaudio BM5A MKII

- Blue Sky eXo2

- Adam Audio A7X (which I've seen used for a little over $500.00, I know the list price is $699.99)

- JBL LSR2328P (which is currently $249.99 on Amazon, is that for both speakers??)

These ideas are just from the last hour of research. I thought I would ask the community for suggestions before I delve further into it. Any help, advice, or recommendations would be wonderful.



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Anyone have any advice? I could use some else's knowledgable perspective!

Not an expert here, but I saw these in a Sweetwater flyer:

Check these out at ($300 for set); and ($500 for set). They are by JBL.

The #308's are supposed to have better bass. I have M-Audio BX5a's, which ran me $200 a few years ago. but I have never been very happy with them. Not very good bass. I'm sure you will want to check out other, more experienced opinions, however.

Thanks a lot for the reply, much appreciated!

Another option is to buy used monitors from a reliable seller. 

You can probably find someone who is upgrading to more professional monitors or has just lost interest in composing or recording. 

I picked up some Event TR-8 monitors years ago at a local music store that were a trade in for about half price. I had to replace a woofer($100) on one after a few years of use but no problems since. 

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