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This is the result of about 6 months constant work. I hope you all like this as much as I do. But I don't want to say too much yet. I've been lurking here for years and just now decided to take the plunge and join. Many of you have inspired me.

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Sorry, Bob, you were shouting and using double question marks. What was I to think?

You know Harold, I did take offense at the tone of your first reply, but I still went ahead and replied to further explain what I thought I had so clearly stated the first time.

You apologized, which I said wasnt necessary, to put this to rest.,,but now youre back again for whatever reason to continue this

NO ONE shouted and Im lost as to your saying about "double quotation marks", but even moreso at your desire to prolong this. (And as you see "NO ONE" is capitalized for emphasis but not shouting at all.)

I must be honest and admit as this is really a waste of what precious time I do have to listen and comment here,  that this will be my last reply to you on this or sadly any of your other future posts. Its simply not worth it, seeing what this has turned into, and your seemingly apparent desire to prolong it.

The best of luck with your composing.

Thanks Bob

Oh my. 

I think the main thing here to consider is that we should never take critique personally. It's an opinion, not a baby. I respect all opinions here.

The fact that a time frame of creation was mentioned here should probably not be a factor, but for me it is because I tend to hold off being entirely transparent when I know the person has put a lot of time and effort into something. If I hear something I don't like I tend not to be totally up front. Not dishonest. Not totally upfront about all the facts though. I want to encourage composers not discourage them. So I will withhold my comments here due to the apparent sensitivity to critique. I will only say keep it up and take all critique as constructive. I believe it was intended as such. I will eventually comment with full transparency if that's really what you want.

I don't think it helps much when a person says, " I really liked that". It gives nothing to improve on and it doesn't tell what exactly they liked about it.

I like that we have people here who are open to commenting on others works with a mind to improve on the approach or work.

I'm afraid I have to agree with Timothy and Bob. With all due respect, there is no reason to defend yourself against polite criticism. If the criticism offends you, the most dignified thing to say is "Thanks for your input."

I agree with Timothy's point that people tend to be less honest in their criticism when the composer indicates how much time and effort they put into the piece. I would refrain from doing that in the future if you want more honest comments, which you say you do.


I'm not sure where this thread went south. I have tried to be polite and I have thanked everyone for their input. The written word is not always the best way to communicate. Albeit, the only way we have here. My response to Bob was in the, as perceived by me, apparent dichotomy of in one sentence saying it was a beautiful, well done piece. And next saying that he wanted to bail half way through. I have absolutely no problem with either view independently. None. It just seemed odd put together. Maybe I didn't word it very well, for which I have apologized profusely. 


You were up front. You thought the tempo should have been slower. That's fine. I thanked you for your input. I was up front and said I may or may not listen to your file. 


I am interested is all aspects of composition. Including how long it takes to compose something. I don't believe that the longer a piece takes to finish, the better it is. We all work differently. I am always amazed when someone says they whipped up some amazing music in a few weeks. 

I have zero problem with criticism. None. It just needs to be consistent. Bob's suggestions about dropping out the cello and doing more with dynamics were things that I thanked him for.


This piece is not the kind of thing I enjoy. It seems a bit mechanical to me. But that is the way things are going. So be it. You need to write what you feel you must.

I will say that I think the ability to take criticism should work both ways. Misunderstandings happen. It would be to our credit for everyone to get over it and move on. 

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