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Hi all!


I am glad to present my new string quartet with Spitfire Sable and Solo Strings. It consists of Rock-style and Romantic-style parts.

Please, write, what you like or do not like about the piece.

You can also see it on my site (in Virtal project):

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      I can tell a lot of work went into this piece.  It has a nice theme which is well distributed among the parts.  I liked the rhythms and the variations on the theme.  The middle section was a little rambling but still kept the mood of the piece.  The main criticism is the piece which is over 12 minutes long, is too long for one theme.  You need a counter melody.  As far as I could tell the theme is always in A minor.    Cut the first and last sections in half and it will be twice as good and change keys, maybe even go into major.  I enjoyed it.


Wake Up:  A lot of interesting texture built up from confluence of voices, novel to me. Really like it from 4:20, more harmonic movement is implied, more tension, complexity. A touch Ivesian in places, feels American overall.  Enjoyed, but was waiting on more harmonic tension or ambiguity.

Thank you for your replies!

Lawrence, doesn't the middle piece work like the second theme?

Beautiful work, loved the harmonies and the theme, very well orchestrated, and it gave me a feel of wonder with a little overwhelming, romantic tipsiness in it.
I felt the intro build up was nice but a little bit repetitive and boring, my ears got a little tired from repeating the same melody and chords over and over, I know there is some interesting variations here and there, but the repetition of theme is still dominant I believe, but the theme itself beautiful, maybe cutting the first 4 minutes in half and sacrifice some of that effort can make it a little better, and perhaps adding some modulations can add another exciting dimension to a 10 minutes of a composition..
it's your baby and do what you prefer, Good job and good luck!

First get rid of the graphics. Lol.

Yes, it's much too long and drawn out. It needs to be edited down, especially the first part. Maybe play with that theme bit more and take it in more directions. Break it up more. You might try modulating.

I think I could be much better with some work. Fifteen present inspiration and 85 percent persperation. Don't be afraid to go with it where you never intended.

Thank you very much for your comments, Mohammad and Phillip!

For now I have got about ten reviews of this work, most being close to "good theme, but too much repetitions". Your opinion is very important to me, I will take it into account when writing new pieces. 

I think, this piece can be "minimalism in rock by string quartet". Many repetitions of the first part with subtle changes seems to me close to minimalism. Melody and rhythm is close to rock. What do you think?

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