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It is finished!

Not the salvation of mankind, but my new string quartet. No fancy titles this time, just String Quartet no. 3. I have worked a long time on this one. Especially the fourth movement, I must have rewritten that at least four times, since I had a clear idea what I wanted to do with it. It takes more time and effort to go after a specific result, rather than just going where the music takes you. But let's start at the beginning,shall we? This is the first movement.

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Very pleasant Lennart. The writing for the medium sounds very good and idiomatic. The playback is decent enough to listen to - an important factor.

I can hear a sort of folky influence in the lines and harmony which is nice and gives it a good energy.

I hope you post the rest for us...

Thanks Mike! Yes, there's a bit of Swedish folk music influence in there, along with some rock. I will post the second movement soon.

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