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Hey guys,

I had posted the first 2 mov'ts, some time back,  and this one is the 3rd, which completes the quartet.

It has modern tendencies, but to my mind, it is very tangible.  

I hope you like it.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for listening!


For those that may want to hear the other 2 movements - here are the links:

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I found this music to be very compelling. I appreciated the balance between tension and release ad the open ending is masterful!


Hi Christophe. Thank you for the kind words.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it! 

Wow Gregorio....pretty compelling stuff and I'm sure there are people out there who will enjoy listening to your artistry and technique.

Personally I'm a guy who likes to listen to something fairly balanced between stirring my emotions and making my intellect twitch with interest....there's plenty of the latter but what was your thinking when you composed this, particularly the third mvt?

My feeling is that the piece is a bit self-indulgent, but it would certainly be great fun to perform. If the performing artists managed to convey their enjoyment of playing it, it might spread to the audience and add to their appreciation.

Thank you for posting it.

 Thanks so much, Stephen.  It is wonderful to hear - that it appealed to your intellect… For me, although it is mindful of exploiting  certain motifs (you may notice fugal elements in many places) through various  backdrops,  (treatments, which are hopefully contrasting/complimentary) - to me - emotion was the driving force - though, a bit freewheeling … 

Thank you for offering your thoughts on this. I'm very appreciative.  

I would love to hear it performed, of course.


Hi Gregorio, I think you've done a great job here, this is inventive, entertaining and challenging as well.  I like the change of pace at the halfway point that refocuses my attention to the forward progress and dramatic ending.  The sound is good although I wonder about the stereo spread here, it seems a bit wide for a quartet?  That makes the lines nicely separated though which makes sense.

Thanks for posting.

Hey, Ingo.  I am very glad you found it entertaining!  ( I was hoping some would pick up an element of fun with this!)

(There have been conflicting views on the 'spread' on my quartet.. as you might imagine.. some like the players closer, others, farther… I, for now, feel the layout works… (though , that could change.)

Thanks so much for listening!

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