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Hey guys,

This is my first post. I am basically starting out with the production of soundtrack/film/trailer music. The experience I do have is making trance music, so it wasn't difficult to put a piece together from a production standpoint. I need to know if it's any good (composition-wise). If you can please provide your critique, feedback, etc., I would greatly appreciate it!

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Hey Mauricio,

It's always so hard for me to critique film music without hearing in context but as a standalone piece, I liked it. It is clear that you've got a good handle on the production aspects as well. Really the only critique that I have is that you might consider introducing the violin arpeggio just a tad bit later (maybe about 1:02). It adds a lot of motion and it just felt like all the cards had been laid out on the table before the piece had a chance to really develop. Keep it up!


Thank you Robert. I think you're right about having a bit more progression in the piece. The input was spot on!

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