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This is one of the first videos I ever did, so it is in a fairly raw state - the VST sounds need attention and the piece itself needs some re-working.

However, it is designed to have have a raw poignancy - so I'm posting it to the videos on this site.

The video, using rare footage, is a depiction of the lives of Britain's most remote community in the isles of St Kilda, west of the Outer Hebrides.

The islands were evacuated in 1930, thus ending a community that had stretched back into the mists of time. They lived, as the video depicts, an almost Iron Age existence.

One story goes that the villagers were shown a film of a steam locomotive in the community hall, by an outsider who wished to broaden the minds of the insular St Kildans. The villagers were so frightened by the film of the thundering stream train that they fled the hall in a state of mass panic - and that was well into the Twentieth Century !

The islands are now a double World Heritage site - both for their unique history and their rare breeds, such as the unshepherded Hirta sheep. Getting there, though, is another matter entirely.

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