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Dear Friends,
here is an impression based piece inspired by seasonal events.
The introduction is thought to be an awakening of nature after the long cold winter.
After that, the main theme is introduced which in the second part is played in a varied form.
Let's go:


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Good morning, Kjell.

I have to be honest here. The piece was enjoyable, hung together exceedingly well (aside from a couple of pauses or 'slow downs') and the orchestration seems fine. Balance and dynamics are well done.

But for me its tempo and the minor key gave it a lugubrious tone that seemed more like autumn than spring, the bass ponderous and about darkening days. (Perhaps my view comes from writing a "spring piece" recently.) Spring seems about sunlight, air, yes, the yellow of primroses and daffodils, a feeling of lightness and the burgeoning of a rebirth. The ending only seemed to enhance the dying away.

So...a grand piece to listen to but I have to divorce it from the title you've given it. Apologies about that.

All good wishes,


Hello Dane,
thank you very much for your reply, always so inspiring.
Interesting to read your impressions that you get. It is of course highly personal, no one gets the same impression. The title is just for me. I have never understood the title of Vivaldi´s seasonal work, still it is nice music.
All the best,

Hello again, Kjell,

Yes, that's always a problem with impressionist works - we've no guarantee that the listener will get the same impression. I no longer title my pieces except "....for Orchestra" although for filing there might be a clue in the filename!  

All the same, I returned to listen to your work again, wishing that I too had your command of flow and progression.

About Vivaldi, meaning no disrespect to the great man, it's become known in our household as Quattro Formaggi!

à bientôt,


Hi Kjell -

Another well crafted and enjoyable piece you have written here. You have followed and developed your theme to the point of it being a theme and variations which is an excellent approach for this style of music I think.  This does remind me of the earlier classical era with formal structures and lots of counterpoint. I'm not sure if it reminds me of spring; perhaps spring in a formal and well tended garden?

Your orchestration is very effective here, I don't remember if you have used NotePerformer in the past but it certainly works well for this type of piece.

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