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Hi everyone

Still happily busy working with Loegria and digging a little deeper into the library : At first I overlooked Stephenson's steam band and Fentons Reversals but in fact they are extremely useful. Look out for them here ...

I find that Loegria blends extremely well with my other libraries (EWQL Silk, Symphonic choirs and Voices of passion + odd FX and pads from NI's Komplete 8).


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This is really nice work, loving the blend of styles throughout. I'm also impressed by the mix itself, very crisp and clean.

Thanks Terry. I'm quite happy with the way the Middle-East and Asian instruments of EWQL's Silk library mingle with Albions steam-band pads. On the other hand I'm having after-thoughts concerning the FX; I may have gone a bit over the top with the guns / explosions ...   


Couldn't find any of your work on the site. Have you published any ?



My work is all on SoundCloud right now, there's a widget on my page here with most of it listed:

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