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Hello Colleagues,

I recently posted a piece here for solo piano called Spies!, along the idea of a mythical spy movie theme song. Fellow Composers' Forum member Stephen Lines liked it well enough to arrange it for orchestra and I think it worked out pretty well. Here's Stephen's arrangement. Comments as always invited >

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Well, it was already in an easy key for the bassist, so you didn't need to move it for him. But couldn't you? You could've said that each key has a different effect on your ear and that you want it in Db, because. And if he complains, grumble something about accomodating mediocre musicians. ;)

As for Spies, I agree that for the performers of the piece, those key-related difficulties are the least of their concerns. Come to think of it, the textures are usually so fat that you don't even need to worry too much about fine adjustments in tuning to make them work. Agility hurdles are going to trip up the sound, not the excess sharps.

Hmmm. As a guitarist, I get this " It's not in 'E', can you play it?" all the time. Really? Sure, I'm only an old folk guitarist, but still. My feeling on keys is that it really depends on what instruments are being used. On a piano different keys might have different moods, but that same key won't work as well in a group of woodwinds.

It's particularly important on instruments that have lot's of open strings. In the case of the piece I mentioned it was written by the bass player as a feature for himself. It had extensive use of open strings pedalling whilst he played these ferociously fast intricate lines. It simply could not be transposed under any circumstances and it would be ludicrous to ask the soloist to relearn his part in order to accommodate, again, a mediocre band. Now if it was a vocal piece and the singer didn't lose much by moving a piece a semitone higher or lower of course I would consider it and request it. But I have very strong feelings about people not managing all keys equally...

This is really nice, very interactive melodies, leaving suspense and wander as if you feel that during watching a spy movie or more of a mission impossible kinda of a thing. It's a sure bet that this piece is developed enough to build a concert team for it, I see a window for improvements in terms of mixing and mastering, however, that did not affect the essence of the piece, I also think that the instruments selection could have been wider, but all in all, it is a great job. Well done

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