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After finishing up another part of my second edm album and having mostly worked on full orchestral pieces I decided it was time for something else, something more intimate.

'Spes quod despero" is written for string quartet and piano, the idea behind this piece is to capture that feeling of being between hope and despair. But maybe you hear something different ?

All comments are welcome :)

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lol :D don't leave us just yet


the despair in the title might be a bit over the top ;) but it looked nice in latin and I needed coffee :P

Any other oneliners ? ;)
Nice atmosphere music, good for film, drama but as instrumental music i need more melodic lines, all are like accompaniment, good one, but without head-line. Maybe it`s better to develop a little bit incide  strings long notes, when piano play? Take a look at the form, two sections construction is not always good for all subject, i prefer with "reprisa"

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