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Hi All,
If you could spare 5 and a half minutes to listen to my newest piece and give any feedback I would appreciated it greatly.

Many Thanks,

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No time for a lengthy comment or for giving critique, but I liked having it in the background while surfing around on the net.

It has something in common with certain types of Chinese traditional music. (Not that it sounds like it, I meant the arrangement and the style and dialogue of the instruments.) More glissando on the violin and you almost have a erhu-sounding piece of the Sung-dynasty.

(The other requirement is that you play pentatonic instead of septa)

But don't do that, it sounds great as it is. ;)

Hey Per,
Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it! I can see what you mean about the chinese-y feel in parts, not intentional, but not a bad thing either :) glad you enjoyed it.
Best wishes,

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