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As a lot of us are already using Soundcloud it would be a good idea to integrate Soundcloud into this ning network. I tried to post embed code, but it didn't work properly. Ning and Soundcloud provide an app that has to be implemented by the network creators:


It's a bit annoying to keep updated several pages. And Soundcloud has a lot of great functions I'm missing with the player we have here.


Thanks in advance for your support.



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Thanks a lot, Ray!
And how do I get rid of the old "my music"-box? I've shifted it to the page's bottom, but I would prefer to delete it... Thanks in advance!

You got rid of it, somehow ;-)

Thanks to your help, I know now, what and how to do...

Yeah! That's really great! Will save a lot of time and energy...

So... Is it possible to integrate Soundcloud?

It is, Udi. You can see it on my page here.

Udi Glaser said:

So... Is it possible to integrate Soundcloud?

OK thanks! I did it as well.

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