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This is my latest work in the fantasy genre.

Song of the Forest Lady



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Good morning, Saul,

Well, this isn't my genre but I know from listening to your works it'll bring relaxation and a certain soul-searching if that makes sense. Perhaps contemplation would be better.

This is beautiful with the cantabile so obvious.  Plaintive but laden with hope. It leads me to imagine much of what she's singing about or facing. The change of register at around 3'25" seemed to bring shafts of light through her forest and the fade-out at the close could never be any different. The instrumentation was wonderful, the depths in that deep but gently handled underlying bass.

Most enjoyable.

Many thanks,


Thank you Dane for your thoughtful comments.

Glad you noticed that 3:20/25 register change where the harp takes the main stage briefly and then the main theme returns to close the work. I have a certain philosophy about music, it is for me a medium for contemplation, relaxation, and inspiration.

But the great thing about music that it is not only a medium, the transportive qualities it has as a medium, doesn't diminish its innateness for simply being just music, which is its own point.

Best Wishes,


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