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As a few of you might know, I have accepted and is preparing for a job in the fall as the Choir Director at a Middle School this fall. This is a small school with a small choir program and on top of finding music that fits their needs and abilities, I have been in the process of writing new music for them in mind. This piece is the latest of pieces Im writing for a small middle school choir in mind. This has been a bit of a shift mentally as I am severely limited in what I can do while also trying to appeal to what middle schoolers might want to sing. The aesthetic is much sweeter, dare I say a tad cheesy, than what I usually do (even went as far to draw that child-like house for the cover art). But I feel its a solid piece but would still like y'alls opinion on it. 

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Congrats on the job. "Middle school" in the US is 6-8 grade? 11-14 years of age? I think that’s past “Little House” age. I don’t have comments on your piece-- just want to suggest you read the essays that kids write for class and consider writing music based on their essays and that you give them your full music ability, in full complexity and sophistication. Also let them do the cover art. Just my ideas.

The song is very pretty, I like it and I think the kids will too.  The issue of sophistication is tough to gauge,  11 - 14 is a big spread and you can have a big difference in individual levels of ability.  The real issue is the music, not the cover art or lyrics. For some (weak singers like me ) this piece could be a challenge.  Others might use it as a sight singing or warm up exercise, still useful to have in your book. Maybe use something more age neutral for the cover art, the teenagers will be harder to please on those issues.

Did you ever find a piano player for rehearsals? You could just use midi on your lap top, do it DJ style. :)

I did find out who the accompanist is going to be for my choir. 


     Very sweet.  The melody is simple but the accompaniment is complex as well as some of the harmonies.  Nothing cheesy about good writing.  Reminds me of the last time I wrote for children's choir and chamber orchestra.  We never put the whole thing together until the performance.  A few musicians nearly fell off their chairs when suddenly we were joined by a 30 voice choir.  I would like to hear it with voices instead of clarinets, the cheesy choir ahs.


"Cheese" is in the mind of the beholder. It's all just music. this is good music Nice tune. 2:38 isn't much time to develop a theme.

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