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This is an 8 1/2 minute piece about how turbulent this year has been. It is scored for a chamber ensemble of Vibraphone, Marimba, Drumset, Piano, String Synthesizer, Celesta, Jazz Guitar, and Acoustic Bass. It consists of an ABCBA format, where the slow A sections represent homeostasis, the jazzy B sections represent celebration, and the abstract C section represents chaos and frustration. It was produced using Musescore 3 and the Compifont Soundfont.

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Hi Kyle,

While pleasant, this strikes me as an accompaniment, rather than a full piece. It strikes me as needing melody. As it progressed along, this feeling grew to the point where my interest waned. Also, it seems overall to fall in a narrow range of dynamics, somewhat in the middle without very high peaks or low valleys. Overall, a professional sound and good production values. Thanks for posting!


Maybe it's the synth sound but something reminds me of Frank Zappa in his Synclavier days. At 3:20 definitely!

But I'm kinda missing the drama. This piece feels like a bunch of the bizarre interludes that FZ used to throw in his songs. Except that for you they are the meat of the story, not something luding in between.

So: cool stuff but it needs something extra.

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