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A little something I just finished.

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I see you're not entirely without hope for the future.

Thanks Victor.

For anyone interested, this was made entirely in MuseScore. I've been playing with it in preparation for when Sibelius 7.5 doesn't work on my computer any more. I prefer Sibelius. I am limited to notation software. MuseScore has come a long way. Even so, one must resort to trickery. I.E. preparing the score for playback in ways your wouldn't score things for live players. 

That's impressive. Are you using the standard soundfont?

Bob Porter said:

For anyone interested, this was made entirely in MuseScore.

I did except for the horn. There is only a horn section in the default font. I used a solo horn from an updated version of SSO. Most of the rest of that font doesn't work well with MuseScore. SSO has problems itself in that MuseScore can't make some sounds hold out notes very long. Or notes are too choppy. Even in the default font you have to wade through sounds that aren't very good. I'm not all that happy with many of the sounds. It took awhile to come up with a combination of instruments that work as well as in this recording. So, I wrote to the sounds I had, not to what I wish I had. There are those that disapprove of that method of writing. But I was after playback, not a score to hand to real players. 


This is very beautiful with a nice hopeful feel in the music.

Great work here Bob. You were able to achieve a very high level of realism using those soundfonts.

Nice stuff, Bob. At times reflective, at times pensive; at times serene. But a consistent feel throughout, with effective dynamic contrasts. It left me feeling calm and refreshed! The only criticism I would note is that the ending seemed abrupt. I was expecting more of a cadence. 

Thanks, Michael.

The ending reflects that while the is indeed hope for the future, nothing is certain. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't have a crystal ball, so things are a bit up in the air. Ina hopeful way, of course. I kind of working on a Sibelius version. 

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