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I bought a few VSTs by Spitfire Audio called "Labs". $3 a piece for a charitable cause. Couldn't resist. They inspired me to write something, well, different. Hope you like it.

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I liked the composition and well performed.  I thought the white noise from the record player was a bit too prevalent, but other than that, sounded great to me.  Thanks for sharing.

Cool! Way too short. I was grooving to it but then it ended and made me sad cause' I was diggin' it. I like the scratchy vinyl effect, but I agree it's maybe a bit loud. Love when the acoustic bass and octave reinforcement comes in. Damn fine drumming too. Love it! 


Very nice indeed - enjoyed listening to it, crackles and all.

I had a look at spitfires $3 goodies - I bought a couple of them (nylon guitar & folk loops)

Cheers, Colin

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