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Good evening, my friends...

Attached is a ballad I recently finished.  At about :02, you will hear an infuriating low-end hum...similar to

a vibration.  It happened on any note south of middle "C."

It was done on a Yamaha YPT-330 keyboard.  

Critique of the piece is itself is more than welcome, but right now I'm focused on eliminating that infernal hum.  Any insight would be so appreciated.

It's called "Through Time With You."

Thank you!!!! 

All the best...


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Hi, Dave...

Thanks for taking the time to weigh in.  It was recorded via direct output using one of the keyboard's voices.  I mixed it on Garageband using headphones, then exported it via Garageband to mp3. 

I'll try working on the EQ, per your suggestion.  

Thanks again.

More on what you were suggesting, Dave...

Yes... I could always re-assign a vst voice from the Garageband library.  Trouble is, GB doesn't have the sound I want for

this particular song. 


An update, Dave...

I played around with the EQ, and sure enough, the hum is gone. Thanks for the suggestion. It may have seemed obvious, but I'm just not one of those guys who can figure that stuff out.  

Thanks, again. I owe you one.


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