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These are open to all, have no or minimal restrictions on who can enter, and have no entry fee.  I have no personal connection to them and no further information about them.  If you go to the site links below, you may have to search around the site to find the call for scores page.

Beau Soir Ensemble - pieces for flute, viola and harp trio Continuing, no deadline

Gregory Wiest, Tenor - "looking for groups of songs(duration up to 20 minutes) written after the year 2015 with texts in English (preferably from living poets)" Jun 30, 2021

Quadre, the Voice of Four Horns - horn quartet Deadline: Jun 1, 2021

The Valley Winds Composition Competition - concert band.  Deadline:May 31, 2021

Liturgy Alive -- The University of Notre Dame - choral music for the Catholic Mass Deadline:Apr 4, 2021

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