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Hi everybody. I'm pianist, but my dream is learning to play the organ. I really like the old composers like Bach and Widor, but my om says:'It is hard music for adults. Don't listen it, you should listen rock' xD I've already been writing for this instrument and I would like to get some commentaries about one my kind:) So,it is VERY bad, but if you will help me... :D
P.S. almost forgot, this kind has 6 voises:)

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     This was pleasant to listen to and made sense.  Bach is a good starting point for any composer.  You don't have to follow the crowd.  Write the music you like.


This is pretty damn good, Stan. Especially I liked the up tempo part, it had a mystical quality about it. Respect Mom, but  follow your own path, otherwise your talent won't develop properly. I don't know much about organ music, but I love it, and this definitely has "that organ sound" to it. The more I listen to this, the more impressed I am.

Thank you everybody for your replies. I know, I should get more experience in the compositing, but your comments inspired me to write something more. I found my forum:) So, my fugue coming soon!:D

Bob Porter said:

Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it. Except for ending abruptly on a 6 chord, why do you think it is bad. I definitely here Widor in this piece. 

Thank you for that comment. But yet I think it bad:) My first(and last) compositing teacher, Alexander Utkin, said a phrase, that I remember forever:"If you have wrote somethink, don't think it betterthen it is. It will find somebody who will say it's bad. But you shouldn't listen them up.You should write yourself". I think,everybody, who have composed sometink think his think bad. Thank you again for your comment and I'm sorry for my bad English(Now I go to the private teacher to get the FCE). Respect you, Stanislav

OK, learn the organ. There are plenty of pieces that can be learned on the organ. Do you know that the fine English composer Ralph Vaughn Williams wrote some excellent hymns based on Welsh and English folk tunes - or reharmonized older hymn tunes?  You can learn Bach and earlier composers through their hymn settings.

For example, there is some North German music that though requires some study is not difficult -


I like it.

particularly in the middle, where the pace starts picking up.

I dont have the "ear" where i can sayanythg about what KEY you are using or whatnot... I just kow if i like it or not... and i do like it.

Even when little? I was always adoring of Tacotta and Fugue in D minor.... so, i LIKE the big organ sound.

so, i suppose you want to study and read about counterpoint, fugues, subjects like that.


but i found it enjoyable to listen to i the background, turned up loud... while cleaning the ashes out of my fireplace... so? GOOD JOB...

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