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Original compo I began several months ago and forgot about until today. I happened to find it while playing in this DAW which isn't the one I normally use. I have xml and sheet music for this HERE

I made two version of the video and also uploaded to Soundcloud which will be on offer as a free download Sun 10 PST. 

The first version is "official" and is listed as public view.

The second version is a DAW screen capture version for anyone who might want to see the tracks and the mix. I kept this video as "unlisted" so only those with a link can see it.

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Very nice Tim, good sound, well written. Very straightforward but still holds my attention.

Thanks Ingo for listening! 

So beautiful, Tim. Strong emotions in this piece. And I love the pictures, the admiration of nature. So relieved to see pictures without people.


Thank you Kjell!

Very nice interesting and reflective piece. 

Thank You for Sharing.


Thanks Saul.

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