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For those of us who were Livid when Avid closed up shop for the Sibelius notation, we can now celebrate it's acquisition by Steinberg:

Read about it at New Music Box

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Thanks for the clarification, Bob. And for the record, I was having a bit of word fun with Livid/Avid. ;)

Personally I'll be happy to see Steinberg produce a viable alternative to Sibelius eventually, as I just have no faith in Avid any more or their business methods.

If Steinberg can pull it off to a good standard I'll be the first to jump ship, especially if it integrates well with Cubase which is my current DAW.

I think there's a fair chance that Steinberg will offer some kind of cross-grade option in this case, just as Avid did for Finale users and especially as they know there is a large audience that seems pretty willing to jump ship for the right tool at this point.

Well, like I said, if they get it right and integrate it well with Cubase it may actually turn out to be a better fit for my needs in the long term than Sibelius, but this is all just speculation for the moment. I'm happy to keep using Sibelius for time being and may even upgrade to version 7 from the current version I'm using while I wait to see what happens.

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